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Smart Lock Solution

Smart Lock Solution

Intelligent Chain Solutions for a Smart Home 

The Main Hardware 

The main hardware of our smart lock solution has three major parts: mobile communication module, micro switch, and WiFi module. 

Application Field 

This mobile phone scanning device is fully-equipped with a two-dimensional code that connects and binds devices to detect near-field openings and remote controls of the smart lock. It works in a two-way communication, unlocking information to the background. 

Application Technology 

The technologies involved in this product include Bluetooth technology, WiFi newsletter, NB-IoT, fingerprint recognition, mobile communication module, and viewing data. 

System Structure 

The system structure of our smart lock solution consists of a complete set of program development of smart interlocking objects, including “soft, hard, cloud” with password, fingerprint, Bluetooth and other unlocking functions, such as link network, combined with wireless transmission module that can transmit data information to the mobile phone APP through the cloud. 

It is designed to record data, including the number and time of the opening and closing of the intelligent interlock. It also has a remote authorization feature, generating a one-time key through the mobile APP that authorizes only trusted visitors. 

Value-Added Development 

  1. Basic Version – Bluetooth unlock + fingerprint unlock 
  2. Standard Edition – Remote control unlock + fingerprint unlock + remote unlock (WiFi or sim card networking) 
  3. Professional Version – Bluetooth unlock + fingerprint unlock + swipe unlock + password unlock + remote unlock + temporary key unlock 

Intelligent Interlock 

Basic Version 

Hardware Function 

  1. Bluetooth module 
  2. Fingerprint identification module 
  3. Long standby battery (more than 20 days) 
  4. LCD module 
  5. Charging USB port 

Software Function 

  1. View the door lock status under Bluetooth connection 
  2.  Connect Bluetooth unlock
  3. View unlock record 
  4. Unlocking authority management 
  5. Unlocking time management 
  6. Scan QR code to add hardware 

Standard Edition 

Hardware Function 

  1. Liquid remote control unlock 
  2. WIFI module
  3. Fingerprint identification module 
  4. Induction lock magnet 
  5. 433NHZ module or SIM communication module 

Software Function 

  1. Mobile phone remote unlock 
  2. Remote video surveillance 
  3. Door lock status display 
  4. Unlocking authority management 
  5. Remote control settings 
  6. Unlock logging 
  7. Scan QR code to add hardware 
  8. Fingerprint addition settings 

Professional Version 

Software Function 

  1. Add device 
  2. Mobile phone remote unlock 
  3. Short-range Bluetooth unlock 
  4. Shake the Bluetooth to unlock 
  5. Age key unlock upload 
  6. Set unlock permission 
  7. Unlock record query 
  8. Administrator password settings 
  9. Door lock status query 
  10. Indoor unlocking alarm 
  11. Enter in incorrect passwords to shoot automatically 
  12. Fingerprint addition settings 

Hardware Function 

  1. Password unlock 
  2. Swipe module unlock 
  3. Fingerprint module unlock 
  4. WIFI module 
  5. Bluetooth module 
  6. Surveillance cameras
  7. cloud service  
  8. User information storage 
  9. Device data storage 
  10. Data feedback function

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