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The Future of the Internet of Things: What Awaits This Tech in 2019?

The Future of the Internet of Things: What Awaits This Tech in 2019?

It seems that 2018 is over, but as we look back in the recent months, we realize that there are still many things that are about to happen.  

For example, we have witnessed the rapid implementation of new technologies, such as machine learning, AI, and the most popular, the Internet of Things. From the massive use of smart voice assistants, as well as smart home devices by consumers, to the sudden increase in the use of robots and advanced sensors, it appears that we are already on the brink of a dramatic twist in the way technology interacts. 

When we imagine the coming year, we will once again look at the sparkling crystal ball and find outwhat the Internet of Things will bring in the near future. 

Internet of Things, New Hardware Era, Artificial Intelligence

Connectivity Will Still Evolve  

IDC estimates that the spending on IoT will soar at a compound yearly growth rate of 13.6% between 2017 and 2022, which results in a total expenditure of $1.2 trillion in 2022. So, what does all this mean?  

This means that more and more digital signal connections will enter all sectors of the enterprise and supply chain, and our homes will become even smarter. We’ve seen the proliferation of smart home assistants, including Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple’s HomePod. Facebook, on the other hand, isn’t outdone. They are working to push their Portal devices to try to bring some dedicated networking hardware to our home.  

However, home connectivity might not only be limited to these devices because some companies aim to bring better connectivity technology to improve traditional home appliances, just like Samsung’s smart fridge. This is likewise common in connected cars. As Android, Apple, and other major players continue to work to make their interconnected techs an ultimate entertainment center on automobiles, one thing is certain: regardless of where we are or what tech companies are doing, connectivity will never be lost. 

Internet of Things, New Hardware Era, Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things Will Be Getting Closer and Closer to Us  

The Internet of Things is literally getting closer and closer to us. Just take a look at the recent versions of Apple products, particularly the latest ones that integrate technology to monitor health stats. More and more consumer goods companies will seek to bring more connectivity techs that help improve our bodies in 2019.  

Whether it would be smarter watches or smart fabrics on our clothes or digital pills, tech companies will continue to take advantage of these new technologies because of their ability to establish connections in our body to a healthy and well-being market around the clock.  

International companies, such as Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Google, and Apple will begin to implement larger projects to connect our bodies and bodies more closely. 

Internet of Things, New Hardware Era, Artificial Intelligence

Data Breaches on a More Connected World 

We have our fair share of experiences on data breaches, and major tech companies are not excempted to this, including Equifax, Target, Sony, and the Marriott hotel chain. Many of these attacks, such as the Target supermarket chain, were traced through the Internet of Things because hackers invaded data through a networked HVAC system.  

But the public’s anger is not focused on “how” but on “why.” Because more consumers are becoming aware of their connected realm, everyone hopes that 2019 will be a turning point.  

At this turning point, consumer data breaches will be able to track all connected systems and techs that penetrate our world. Mass media and the consumers will soon realize how many connections our world has, which will then likely trigger a subconscious reaction to how this connection make the world more vulnerable to hacking.  

All this will hopefully prompt the government, the concerned sectors, and of course, the public to put more emphasis on ways to strengthen these hacking targets. 

Internet of Things, New Hardware Era, Artificial Intelligence

Increased Connectivity Awareness and Consumer Expectations 

As consumers, most of us are accustomed to the entire express package tracking from the merchant warehouse to the delivery team. But we have to know that there is more to this.  

As consumers become aware that connectivity is now better, they will begin to demand the Internet of Things. They will ask for an increased visibility. They would want to see where the product comes from. They would want to know how is it made. They would like to know how it gets to them.  

Additionally, increased sensitivity to certain factors, such as the carbon footprint of an item, will trigger a range of supply chain issues, requiring information and improving visibility through better network connectivity services. This will encourage big brands and major supply chains to prioritize the ability to provide visibility. 

Internet of Things, New Hardware Era, Artificial Intelligence

We are in digital era. But 2019 will be a crucial year because consumers are more aware of the practical implications of this connection. As a result, greater pressure will be put in the hands of big brands and major global supply chains. They’ll be forced to take advantage of this digital connection to provide deeper understanding and insights on their products and services. 


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