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Product Accelerator

From product design to mass production is a long process. Our comprehensive team of design, R&D and manufacturing management works in parallel from the beginning of the project, seamlessly connecting all aspects from design to R&D to manufacturing management, making the product solution fast and accurate. Realized.

We are the first accelerator in the country’s supporting research and development laboratory, providing product development and debugging, reliability testing and certified hardware development environment, sharing open entrepreneurial team use, reducing the threshold of entrepreneurship.

Material Technology

Most product innovations are based on new materials or manufacturing processes, and our Materials Library has accumulated a wide variety of design-related materials. Our materials engineers select a viable design solution and offer better alternatives to the materials already in use during the production process.

Material technology is a major driver of innovation, and most product and design innovations are based on new materials or new manufacturing processes. The optimization of design and manufacturing quality, as well as the rationalization of production costs, can only be achieved with the perfect collaboration of designers and materials engineers. When focusing on product design, we have a unique “material database” in the world that contains all relevant information about the sample, such as characteristics, manufacturer contracts and how it is handled, which will be an important source of inspiration and innovation. Physical material samples are supplemented by a specially developed database.


Usability Engineering

We help our clients develop the best solutions, assisting in the development of perfect, coherent, and innovative design availability plans based on project realities and customer needs.

We will provide you with a uniform set of tailored availability packages. If the product wants to be successful in the market, it must match the needs and behavior patterns of the product’s target customer base.

According to the standards of the German Standards Institute (DIN), usability engineering not only refers to the good usability of the products, but also focuses on my user needs and actively incorporates them into the product conception.

Therefore, through the use of research and product iterations in the early stage, we can help the risk of the project to be minimized. In the user-centered design process, we built all the important usability methods

Toolbox for daily work. Interviews, field research, brainstorming, interactive prototyping, etc. can help us to achieve our goals. Our goal is: never stop at

With good product availability, we are committed to developing the overall design and customer experience of the product!


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