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How is the real estate industry fighting food waste

How is the real estate industry fighting food waste


One of the major public health crises of the past few years has been an increased focus on food waste. Right now, the planet is producing more food than it ever has before. This has been a development due to tremendous advances in the world of new technology. Already, devices and software have been developed that help farmers in the dairy industry produce more calves and milk. There has also been a push to deal with food waste, with novel decomposers and composting. Sadly, food waste is still a major problem. The National Association of Realtors has partnered with numerous nonprofits to help redistribute food that can be used to feed starving individuals and families.

Food has expiration dates. This helps people at the grocery stores and at home eat and drink healthy foods and beverages. At the same time, just because something is one day past its expiration date doesn’t mean it cannot be nutritious. This is even more important for food that might be unused at certain events. Much of this food ends up getting tossed out, where it doesn’t help anyone. Considering there are millions of people all over the world who might be able to benefit from this food that is otherwise thrown out, this is nothing short of a tragedy. The National Association of Realtors has taken note of this. They have partnered with numerous organizations across the country to help fight food waste. They are encouraging everyone else to do the same.

This organization announced that it would be donating its surplus food items from its countless events over the year to causes that fight against hunger. The organization is already working with the Food Recovery Network (FRN), which uses the boundless energy of college students to help fight this social injustice. For nearly 10 years, this has been one of the leading nonprofit organizations when it comes to food waste. Local restaurants have latched onto the FRN to help distribute food that would otherwise go to waste. The results have been obvious, as millions of people have been fed thanks to the efforts of this organization.

Now, the real estate industry has taken note. Instead of just showing individuals and families living spaces that might have a place for composting, the National Association of Realtors has gotten directly involved. The organization has noted that they serve a tremendous amount of food at its conferences. Often, they overestimate the amount of food they need. Even though there are legal restrictions surrounding what the organization can do with its food, they are still going to do all they can. They are working hard to redistribute unused meals to those who need it most. Seeing this organization work so hard to help those in need has been truly inspiring. With a major event coming up later this year in San Francisco, the FRN has already announced they are ready to help the National Association of Realtors make a positive impact with any food that goes unused.


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