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Intelligent Vending Machine Program – Shared Class 

Main Hardware 

The main hardware of our smart vending machine solution consists of an external control board, a WiFi module, an NB-IoT module, and a Bluetooth module. 

Application Field 

Our intelligent vending machine is a smart product that has been widely used in many actual businesses for years now. It aims to promote the unmanned management of the retail industry to reduce operating costs, be able to operate 24 hours a day without regional restrictions, to bring convenience to the lives of the people. 

Easy to Use  

Through multimedia interaction, the machine can scan QR code payments or accept cash payment. The user only has to click on a product directly on the touch screen, pay for it, and it will be dispensed in the port. 

Diverse Payment Methods 

Our intelligent vending machine accepts diverse payment methods, from cash payments to cashless mobile payment, such as Alipay and WeChat. 

Self-Test Function 

The equipment application management program combines the use of various sensors to remotely monitor and detect the intelligent vending machine, and diagnose and repair problems. 

Application Technology 

The technologies applied and used in our smart vending machine include Bluetooth technology, WiFi newsletter, NB-IoT, mobile communications, refrigeration, LCD, UnionPay payment, Pay with AliPay, WeChat Payment, abnormal alarm, network monitoring, and statistical report. 

Value-Added Development 

  1. Basic Version – WeChat applet + Bluetooth unlock + mobile communication + return cabinet + untie settlement (administrator) 
  2. Standard Edition – WeChat \ Alipay payment + infrared sensor output + 4G communication + touch screen control + APP management equipment 
  3. Professional Version – WeChat \ Alipay \ UnionPay + 4G communication network + touch screen control + vibration monitoring + abnormal alarm + remote management 

The Intelligent Vending Machine Program 

Basic Version 

Hardware Features: 

  1. Intelligent electromagnetic lock 
  2. Bluetooth master template 
  3. Mobile communication template 
  4. Power management module 
  5. Micro Switch  
  6. Battery pack power supply (6V) 

Software Features: 


  1. WeChat applet registration\login 
  2. Scan QR code binding device 
  3. WeChat payment (with deposit) 
  4. Bluetooth unlock 
  5. Use the application to unbind 
  6. Authorize other users to unlock 
  7. Mall 

Standard Edition 

Hardware Features: 

  1. 7-inch true color LCD screen 
  2. Touch screen control 
  3. 4G communication module 
  4. Select the product to generate payment QR code 
  5. Red wiring 
  6. Power management 
  7. Vibration detection 
  8. Refrigeration module 
  9. Battery power supply 

Software Features: 

Administrator App: 

  1. Binding hardware device 
  2. On-board management 
  3. Commodity management 
  4. View sales report 
  5. Abnormal warning 
  6. Network Monitoring  
  7. Replenishment notice 

Professional Edition 

Software Features: 

  1. Administrator-Side WeChat applet: 
  2. Bind hardware devices 
  3. Loading management 
  4. Commodity management 
  5. View sales report 
  6. Abnormal warning 
  7. Network monitoring 
  8. Replenishment notice 

Hardware Features: 

  1. GSM communication module (including Bluetooth) 
  2. WIFI module connects to the network 
  3. LCD screen 
  4. Refrigeration function 
  5. Select the product to generate payment QR code 
  6. WeChat\Alipay\UnionPay Payment 
  7. Cash\coin payment 
  8. Open the door sensor to sense the door opening 
  9. Administrator management device 
  10. Vibration detection sensor 
  11. Abnormal start alarm 
  12. Query machine sales 
  13. Cargo capacity setting 

Cloud Service:  

Background Web Management Side: 

  1. Customer login 
  2. Operational monitoring 
  3. history record  
  4. System settings 
  5. Freighter management 
  6. Commodity management 
  7. Report statistics 
  8. System log 

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