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Smart Shoes Series: A Smart Wear

Main Hardware

Our Smart Shoe Solution is powered by a smart chip that is responsible for controlling all features and functionalities of our product.

Application Field

This smart shoe has smart chips, sensors, touch screens, etc., that make our product not just an ordinary shoe, but also a smart technology.

Massage Heating

The massage system and the heating module are embedded into the smart shoes. The soles of the feet may warm up and switched on for massage to ensure the proper flow of the blood vessels in the feet. As for the heating temperature, massage mode, and the intensity of the massage force, they can be adjusted.

App Control

The app designed for this smart shoe solution is designed to accurately record the time of each user’s run, route, calorie consumption and other data. It transmits data to the mobile APP in real time through wireless transmission.

Running Posture Analysis

The sensor in this smart shoe can record the gait and record the running data of the wearer. It counts the stride, the force, and other professional running data involved. It also gives the wearer a running posture correction or suggestion.

Application Technology

The technologies involved in the development of this smart shoe solution’s app are the following:

  1. GPS positioning
  2. WiFi newsletter
  3. NB-IoT
  4. Intelligent alarm
  5. Pedometer
  6. Heating and removing bacteria
  7. Viewing data

Value-Added Development

  1. Basic Version – Heating + charging + button control
  2. Standard Edition – Heating + Massage + APP View and Settings
  3. Professional Version – Heating + step + electric massage + wireless charging

A Smart Wallet Solution

Basic Version

Hardware Features:

  1. Third gear heating mode
  2. Flashlight
  3. Temperature Sensor
  4. Heat sterilization 
  5. Lithium battery powered 
  6. Contact charging 
  7. Button manipulation 

Standard Edition

Hardware Features:

  1. Bluetooth module
  2. Heating module
  3. Massage electrode
  4. Temperature sensor
  5. Heat sterilization
  6. Master-slave pairing

Software Features:

For the app:

  1. Temperature regulation
  2. Massage mode setting
  3. Massage parameter setting 

Professional Edition

Software Features:

For the app:

  1. Exercise step
  2. Temperature setting
  3. Massage mode setting
  4. Parameter settings

 Hardware Features:

  1. Bluetooth module
  2. Heating module
  3. Massage electrode
  4. Temperature sensor
  5. Heat sterilization 
  6. Triaxial acceleration sensor
  7. Wireless charging module

Cloud Service: 

  1. Device data storage
  2. User information storage

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