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Application Field 

There are many kinds of intelligent thermometers today, such as external thermometers and ear thermometers. Most of these products are small in size, equipped with batteries, are easy to carry, and adopt to Bluetooth technology. Their measurement speed is also fast, where in most cases, the result shows in one second. 

Alarm Function 

When the temperature of a person is too high or too low, the alarm function is triggered. With such alarm, the person will know his body temperature right away and get timely treatment as soon as possible. 

Safe and Convenient 

The measurement method used in smart Bluetooth electronic thermometers is more convenient and accurate than the underarm temperature measurement and oral measurement. The temperature under the armpit is the temperature of the epidermis, which cannot accurately reflect the core body temperature. On the other hand, the oral temperature measurement can be affected by drinking water and diet, and avoid cross infection. 

Data Display  

The measured data is accurately displayed on the screen, and the readings are most likely clear. The new sets of measured data are then stored in a memory for easy viewing and comparison. 

Application Technology 

Value-Added Development 

  1. Basic class – Contact thermistor temperature measurement + LCD display temperature 
  2. Standard edition – Infrared sensing + display  
  3. Professional version – Contact temperature measurement, Bluetooth connection app 

Smart Bluetooth Electronic Thermometer 

Basic hardware features: 

  1. LCD display 
  2. Highly sensitive temperature sensor (32 ° C – 45 ° C) 
  3. Beep reminder 
  4. Long press on/off 
  5. Low-power standby (less than 1uA) 
  6. Button Battery 

Standard Edition hardware features: 

  1. LCD display  
  2. Infrared sensor 
  3. Long press on/off 
  4. Beep reminder 
  5. rechargeable battery  
  6. Power display 

Professional Edition hardware features: 

  1. LCD  
  2. Bluetooth connection 
  3. Highly sensitive temperature sensor (32 ° C – 45 ° C) 
  4. Long press on/off 
  5. Low-power standby 
  6. Battery level display 
  7. Wristband use 

Professional Edition software features: 

  1. Read thermometer temperature 
  2. Set alarm mode (temperature, cancel) 
  3. Manage temperature change data 

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