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Prototype Manufacturing, 3D Print Rapid Prototyping Services in China

  • Prototype 3D sample

Labx7 suppliers have more than 20 years of experience in Shouban production. Quality and efficiency are the core value of Shouban. We provide sufficient development advice and deep prototypes by deepening the evaluation and rationality verification of client design solutions. With CNC machining center, 3D printing High-precision (0.02mm), powerful supply chain rapid separation production, efficient to meet your needs for product regional, reliability and other small batch production

  • Production management

Years of experience in innovative product development allow us to help brands more targeted docking channels and manufacturing resources, tightly control the supply chain, help companies improve and improve production systems, and make product development and production no longer a complex problem.


Prototype Design and manufacturing

China products manufacturing


Labx7 offers quality China Manufacturing solutions. We are a leading China’s manufacturer & supplier.

 Low cost and Low risk  manufacturing solutions

  • Design for Manufacturing

At the beginning of product design, we introduced the mass production feasibility design concept, taking materials/assembly process, mechanical/electrical component coordination, component process, quality control and cost control as the basis for early determination of design direction, and The production process Is constantly revised to ensure that the design remains top notch and flawless.

  • Product delivery:

From product design to mass production is a slow process. Our comprehensive team of design, R&D, and manufacturing management work in parallel from the beginning of the project, seamlessly connecting all aspects from design to R&D to manufacturing management, making the product solution fast and Accurate.

  • Device:

Labx7 has high-end equipment such as new imported Fuji XPF, NXT3, AIMEX III, automatic solder paste printing machine, ten temperature zone reflow oven, wave soldering, etc., and is equipped with AOI, XRAY, SPI, intelligent first piece tester Full automatic board machine, BGA rework station, three anti-paint and other equipment, focusing on research and development of proofing, small and medium-sized SMT patch, assembly and other service equipment, to ensure that small and medium-sized companies one- Stop innovative product design needs.


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