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Consultation – Technical research, Consulting Manufacturers/Suppliers 

  • Industry trend research

From a business perspective, see for the “signal” of change through social, economic and technological perspectives, at the same time, through the market scale and growth rate, scientifically the prospects of market segments, and combine qualitative and quantitative opinions to Finally explore The trend of innovation. With the topic.


Our  Chinese manufacturing consultants  are experienced engineers who are fluent in the English language to discuss your Requirement and can guide you best.


Product Manufacturing Consultation in China

Product Manufacturing Consultation in China


Product Manufacturing Consultation-Custom Consulting

  • Consumer demand insight

From the perspective of consumers, we introduce anthropological and sociological research methods, deepen the consumer’s living environment, understand the deep need behind the phenomenon, and search For design Innovations with consumers.

  • Technical search

From a methodological perspective, we work with investment funds and global incubators in our network to search for technology startups, understand the timeline of technology breakthroughs, and explore innovative opportunities brought about by technology. Product definition and design services

  • Custom consultation

From a custom opinion, we help our clients anticipate future product needs, tailor them to their needs, and invite customers to explore new product opportunities and risks.


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