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Software Backend development  –  IoT products

We focus on multi-dimensional product access and quickly build IoT products. With full-class development experience and flexible product models, we utilize innovative hardware, intelligent product software, cloud services, supply chain products, and other resources to create innovative resource sharing service Models.

Fast proofing of hardware Pcb SMT sample

Labx7’s SMT factory is located in Shenzhen, China. It utilizes first-class processing equipment from Japan and Germany, And has rapid response capability. The small-scale trial production is free of steel mesh, full-machine paste, avoiding the ruinous rate of manual trial production, and delivering products in 4 hours at the earliest. Strict control, 48-hour quasi- Intersection rate of more than 95%, TPS lean production management and the introduction of Quality Control system, to provide high-quality, high-level board-making services to customers around the world.

Custom Product Development, Design, Manufacturing & Production in China


Custom Product Development in China

Custom Product Development in China

Providing adaptable solutions for custom, R&D proofing and small and medium-sized circuit board design and manufacturing for Global Maker. We use advanced PCB design tools to improve and perfect the SOP quality system before, during and after design.In To InternationalStandards, So that your products have a competitive advantage in quality, delivery And Cost.

Software and hardware functional testing 

In the era of intelligent hardware, product upgrades are accelerating, which requires efficient manufacturing. Software and hardware functional testing is an important component of manufacturing. Traditional testing is basically the manual operation of test fixtures by operators, and it is urgent to carry out automation Transformation. Labx7 has more than 20 simulations test Equipment, So that the product can obtain the ideal test data of the consumer in the simulation environment, and finally ensure the reliability and ease of use of the product.


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