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  • Product definition

Our strength resides in the realization of the design vision that will make it successful. Our successful designs are derived from an effective and informed knowledge theory system. Our research experts provide ample support from the product definition stage to the product line stage to help solve the various problems arising from the comprehensive design and interactive experience phases of the product Concern.

Product definition and Custom designing China

Custom Development, Industrial Design, Manufacturing in China


Product definition and designing

Product definition and designing


  • Design service

We turn design inspiration into tangible products that appeal to customers and fit their brand image. In this way, we ensure that our industrial design is implemented in the initial concept phase, supporting you throughout the value chain from expectations for product launches. For product development and years of expertise in the healthcare, consumer electronics and home industries, we are able to design individual project plans and develop guidelines for your development process.

  • Development services:
  • Software
  • Application development

Embedded software development in China

Software application development is an important component of Labx7’s strategic landscape. We have a leading and dedicated domestic team of IOS and Android developers that work relentlessly to provide you a one-stop mobile app customization development service and help achieve the perfect transformation from traditional industry to mobile internet. We focus on providing clients with customized mobile Internet software development services, including APP development, software development, artificial intelligence application development, HTML5 development, marketing and other services.


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