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Project Management

We adapt the project management process to the characteristics and needs of each client project. When you get in touch with Labx, you'll find that the entire organization is based on project business services. Every year, we have more than 100 projects in a wide range...

Product Accelerator

From product design to mass production is a long process. Our comprehensive team of design, R&D and manufacturing management works in parallel from the beginning of the project, seamlessly connecting all aspects from design to R&D to manufacturing management,...

Material Technology

Most product innovations are based on new materials or manufacturing processes, and our Materials Library has accumulated a wide variety of design-related materials. Our materials engineers select a viable design solution and offer better alternatives to the materials...

Usability Engineering

We help our clients develop the best solutions, assisting in the development of perfect, coherent, and innovative design availability plans based on project realities and customer needs. We will provide you with a uniform set of tailored availability packages. If the...

Product Design, development & Production in China

Software Backend development  -  IoT products We focus on multi-dimensional product access and quickly build IoT products. With full-class development experience and flexible product models, we utilize innovative hardware, intelligent product software, cloud services,...

Manufacturing Services

Prototype Manufacturing, 3D Print Rapid Prototyping Services in China Prototype 3D sample Labx7 suppliers have more than 20 years of experience in Shouban production. Quality and efficiency are the core value of Shouban. We provide sufficient development advice and...

Product definition and design services:

Product definition Our strength resides in the realization of the design vision that will make it successful. Our successful designs are derived from an effective and informed knowledge theory system. Our research experts provide ample support from the product...

Consultation service

Consultation - Technical research, Consulting Manufacturers/Suppliers  Industry trend research From a business perspective, see for the "signal" of change through social, economic and technological perspectives, at the same time, through the market scale and growth...

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