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How is the real estate industry fighting food waste

https://activerain.com/blogsview/5463452/the-real-estate-industry-is-fighting-food-waste One of the major public health crises of the past few years has been an increased focus on food waste. Right now, the planet is producing more food than it ever has before. This...

Decoding NB-IOT or CAT-1M for startups

Choosing NB-IOT or CAT-1M for IoT startups Alexa! I can’t find my glasses! Oh well, we still have to reach there but we are not far. Thanks to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). However, for all smart devices to have the ability to...

Smart Vending Machine Solution

Intelligent Vending Machine Program – Shared Class  Main Hardware  The main hardware of our smart vending machine solution consists of an external control board, a WiFi module, an NB-IoT module, and a Bluetooth module.  Application Field  Our intelligent vending...

Smart Shoe Solution

Smart Shoes Series: A Smart Wear  Main Hardware  Our Smart Shoe Solution is powered by a smart chip that is responsible for controlling all features and functionalities of our product.  Application Field  This smart shoe has smart chips, sensors, touch screens, etc.,...

Shared Cabinet Solution

Shared Management Cabinet Solution for Shared Class Users  Main Hardware  The main hardware of our shared cabinet solution has four major parts: mobile communication module, LCD interface, SD card slot, and master chip.  Application Field  This technology is designed...

Smart Lock Solution

Intelligent Chain Solutions for a Smart Home  The Main Hardware  The main hardware of our smart lock solution has three major parts: mobile communication module, micro switch, and WiFi module.  Application Field  This mobile phone scanning device is fully-equipped...

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