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Smart Vending Machine Solution

Intelligent Vending Machine Program – Shared Class  Main Hardware  The main hardware of our smart vending machine solution consists of an external control board, a WiFi module, an NB-IoT module, and a Bluetooth module.  Application Field  Our intelligent vending...

Smart Shoe Solution

Smart Shoes Series: A Smart Wear  Main Hardware  Our Smart Shoe Solution is powered by a smart chip that is responsible for controlling all features and functionalities of our product.  Application Field  This smart shoe has smart chips, sensors, touch screens, etc.,...

Shared Cabinet Solution

Shared Management Cabinet Solution for Shared Class Users  Main Hardware  The main hardware of our shared cabinet solution has four major parts: mobile communication module, LCD interface, SD card slot, and master chip.  Application Field  This technology is designed...

Smart Lock Solution

Intelligent Chain Solutions for a Smart Home  The Main Hardware  The main hardware of our smart lock solution has three major parts: mobile communication module, micro switch, and WiFi module.  Application Field  This mobile phone scanning device is fully-equipped...

The Design and Development Process of Intelligent Hardware

The information industry is driven by innovation. At the same time, the technologies of the digital age have been successfully implemented and landed. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that “Internet of Things” will become the most prominent feature of this...

Smart Bluetooth Electronic Thermometer – A Smart Medical Tool

Application Field  There are many kinds of intelligent thermometers today, such as external thermometers and ear thermometers. Most of these products are small in size, equipped with batteries, are easy to carry, and adopt to Bluetooth technology. Their measurement...

The Design Principles of Vending Machine Development

Urbanized life has brought many conveniences to people, especially that theaters, bars, large hotels, restaurants and other cultural and entertainment venues, as well as large shopping malls are just within reach. Then again, it seems that traditional manual sales...

New Retail Era: The Value That Robots and Retail Create for Users

The retail industry, which started from small shops in the last century, has greatly evolved. Today, the sales points are so vast with physical shop branches, agents, unmanned shelves and tomorrow's artificial intelligence robot pilot point. As you can see, the whole...

The Future of the Internet of Things: What Awaits This Tech in 2019?

It seems that 2018 is over, but as we look back in the recent months, we realize that there are still many things that are about to happen.   For example, we have witnessed the rapid implementation of new technologies, such as machine learning, AI, and the most...

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