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LoRa as the Future IoT Mainstream Standard: Is It the Life-Saving Straw of the Internet of Things’ Communication Industry?

LoRa as the Future IoT Mainstream Standard: Is It the Life-Saving Straw of the Internet of Things’ Communication Industry?

In today’s fast-paced era, communication technology slowly transitions into 5G, which means data transmission is becoming denser but the amount of data exchange is achieving larger. This is especially true for M2M communication

The good news is that LoRa technology is taking advantage of new tech trends. With bigger and wider deployment scopes, LoRa aims to create a wireless device that is designed to avoid frequent battery changes. And in the field of the Internet of Things applications, that is a very brilliant innovation. 

In the past when low-power WAN was still a big thing, it appears that there were only two choices between low-power and long-distance. However, with LoRa technology, designers can achieve a lot of things. They can do both, maximize long range communication, and lower down the power consumption while reducing extra repeater costs. 

What Is LoRa? 

LoRa is an extra long-range wireless transmission concept that is based on spectrum technology. Derived from the words “Long Range”, it is classified as a technology under the Internet of Things. It is known for its “Long Range” feature. 

It was in August 2013 when Semtech Corporation introduced LoRa. It was released in the United States and it came in the form of a chip, which is based on long-range yet low-power data transmission technology, which is just around 1 Ghz. 

When LoRa was first launched, it has immediately captured the attention of the world. With its sensitivity that reaches up to –148dbm, excellent system capacity performance, and strong anti-jamming capability, it’s no surprise why it immediately captured the attention of the world. 

The Advantages of LoRa 

LoRa is known for its four major advantages. These are: 

1. Long Life 

One of the most popular advantage of LoRa is long life. In general, IoT devices are designed to avoid frequent battery changes. Therefore, as an IoT technology, LoRa is required to have a long battery life.  

It’s good to know that LoRa does not disappoint when it comes to battery performance. For instance, in terms of water meter applications, this tech can provide a service that may last a decade, which is ideal in the application scenarios of water meters. 

2. Long Distance Transmission 

In the past few years, most wireless transmission devices worked within short-distance transmissions. That includes the WiFi technology, which works within a few meters to a couple of hundred meters. 

Then again, for future IoT devices, short-distance transmissions have to be fixed and changed. But when that will be done, costs will increase.  

But LoRa is different. This technology can support transmission distances that reach up to 10 kilometers. Although it has a simple architecture, it is designed to reduce the overall equipment costs as well as the use cost of networks. 

3. Flexible Network Construction 

LoRa technology does not only support private networks. It also supports public networks, which is determined by an operator or a user. But based on the current development situation, LoRa is commonly applied in different vertical markets, where it is deemed a perfect solution. 

4. A Complete Ecosystem 

In the standard tech ecosystem, the most important thing is not just a single device. Rather, it is the complete architecture. 

Today, more and more markets and vendors take advantage of the LoRa technology, where more networks are being formed to create an even larger coverage all over the world. Hence, in the future, it will be easier to provide an efficient and a more complete solution for the needs of users. 

The Future Applications of LoRa 

Smart cities and urban intelligence are now being developed and fully-deployed. Along with that milestone, more and more fragmented terminal devices are being introduced in cities. All of them require low power-consumption yet work in long-distance ranges. 

And with the emergence of LoRa, we are able to see a glimpse of the future of long-distance network technology. LoRa will break the bottleneck of IoT as it will promote the reduction of the costs of developing IoT technologies and detonate the large-scale application of IoT itself. 

As a communication network, LoRa is forecasted to play a vital role. It will be used in the construction of smart transportation networks. It will be used in the implementation of smart lighting. It will be utilized in the management of manhole cover billboards. Most importantly, it will be used in monitoring the consumption of hydropower in industries and cities, as well as monitor and analyze the quality of soil and water. 

In the animal and agriculture sector, LoRa may also have a special role to play. According to agriculture experts, the industry will need resources to be able to carry out their function and somehow increase production. If they consider the current network environment where farmlands are situated, they noticed that the majority of the farmlands have no honeycomb cover, although they have the perfect environment, soil, and air. 

If only these agricultural factors are carefully analyzed and monitor, then it is likely that the agriculture sector will grow. With LoRa, data monitoring of air and soil temperature will be easier. Plus, lower costs will be involved as the device will tend to have a longer battery life and will work efficiently even at long distance transmissions. 

What LabX7 Can Do 

At LabX7, we focus on providing network, cloud, and end service solutions for the Internet of Things. With our help, customers are able to quickly realize the “end-to-end” network of the whole industry chain system, which involves interconnection, security, and openness. 

As a reliable service solution provider for Internet of Things solutions, we have since introduced a multitude of technologies and services, not only for LoRa technology, but also for other promising techs. Smart parking, smart cities, smart agriculture, asset regulation, smart energy, smart livestock, and IoT finance are only among the solutions we are proud of. 

Smart Vending Machine Solution

Smart Vending Machine Solution

Intelligent Vending Machine Program – Shared Class 

Main Hardware 

The main hardware of our smart vending machine solution consists of an external control board, a WiFi module, an NB-IoT module, and a Bluetooth module. 

Application Field 

Our intelligent vending machine is a smart product that has been widely used in many actual businesses for years now. It aims to promote the unmanned management of the retail industry to reduce operating costs, be able to operate 24 hours a day without regional restrictions, to bring convenience to the lives of the people. 

Easy to Use  

Through multimedia interaction, the machine can scan QR code payments or accept cash payment. The user only has to click on a product directly on the touch screen, pay for it, and it will be dispensed in the port. 

Diverse Payment Methods 

Our intelligent vending machine accepts diverse payment methods, from cash payments to cashless mobile payment, such as Alipay and WeChat. 

Self-Test Function 

The equipment application management program combines the use of various sensors to remotely monitor and detect the intelligent vending machine, and diagnose and repair problems. 

Application Technology 

The technologies applied and used in our smart vending machine include Bluetooth technology, WiFi newsletter, NB-IoT, mobile communications, refrigeration, LCD, UnionPay payment, Pay with AliPay, WeChat Payment, abnormal alarm, network monitoring, and statistical report. 

Value-Added Development 

  1. Basic Version – WeChat applet + Bluetooth unlock + mobile communication + return cabinet + untie settlement (administrator) 
  2. Standard Edition – WeChat \ Alipay payment + infrared sensor output + 4G communication + touch screen control + APP management equipment 
  3. Professional Version – WeChat \ Alipay \ UnionPay + 4G communication network + touch screen control + vibration monitoring + abnormal alarm + remote management 

The Intelligent Vending Machine Program 

Basic Version 

Hardware Features: 

  1. Intelligent electromagnetic lock 
  2. Bluetooth master template 
  3. Mobile communication template 
  4. Power management module 
  5. Micro Switch  
  6. Battery pack power supply (6V) 

Software Features: 


  1. WeChat applet registration\login 
  2. Scan QR code binding device 
  3. WeChat payment (with deposit) 
  4. Bluetooth unlock 
  5. Use the application to unbind 
  6. Authorize other users to unlock 
  7. Mall 

Standard Edition 

Hardware Features: 

  1. 7-inch true color LCD screen 
  2. Touch screen control 
  3. 4G communication module 
  4. Select the product to generate payment QR code 
  5. Red wiring 
  6. Power management 
  7. Vibration detection 
  8. Refrigeration module 
  9. Battery power supply 

Software Features: 

Administrator App: 

  1. Binding hardware device 
  2. On-board management 
  3. Commodity management 
  4. View sales report 
  5. Abnormal warning 
  6. Network Monitoring  
  7. Replenishment notice 

Professional Edition 

Software Features: 

  1. Administrator-Side WeChat applet: 
  2. Bind hardware devices 
  3. Loading management 
  4. Commodity management 
  5. View sales report 
  6. Abnormal warning 
  7. Network monitoring 
  8. Replenishment notice 

Hardware Features: 

  1. GSM communication module (including Bluetooth) 
  2. WIFI module connects to the network 
  3. LCD screen 
  4. Refrigeration function 
  5. Select the product to generate payment QR code 
  6. WeChat\Alipay\UnionPay Payment 
  7. Cash\coin payment 
  8. Open the door sensor to sense the door opening 
  9. Administrator management device 
  10. Vibration detection sensor 
  11. Abnormal start alarm 
  12. Query machine sales 
  13. Cargo capacity setting 

Cloud Service:  

Background Web Management Side: 

  1. Customer login 
  2. Operational monitoring 
  3. history record  
  4. System settings 
  5. Freighter management 
  6. Commodity management 
  7. Report statistics 
  8. System log 
Smart Shoe Solution

Smart Shoe Solution

Smart Shoes Series: A Smart Wear 

Main Hardware 

Our Smart Shoe Solution is powered by a smart chip that is responsible for controlling all features and functionalities of our product. 

Application Field 

This smart shoe has smart chips, sensors, touch screens, etc., that make our product not just an ordinary shoe, but also a smart technology. 

Massage Heating 

The massage system and the heating module are embedded into the smart shoes. The soles of the feet may warm up and switched on for massage to ensure the proper flow of the blood vessels in the feet. As for the heating temperature, massage mode, and the intensity of the massage force, they can be adjusted. 

App Control 

The app designed for this smart shoe solution is designed to accurately record the time of each user’s run, route, calorie consumption and other data. It transmits data to the mobile APP in real time through wireless transmission. 

Running Posture Analysis 

The sensor in this smart shoe can record the gait and record the running data of the wearer. It counts the stride, the force, and other professional running data involved. It also gives the wearer a running posture correction or suggestion. 

Application Technology 

The technologies involved in the development of this smart shoe solution’s app are the following: 

  1. GPS positioning 
  2. WiFi newsletter 
  3. NB-IoT 
  4. Intelligent alarm 
  5. Pedometer 
  6. Heating and removing bacteria 
  7. Viewing data 

Value-Added Development 

  1. Basic Version – Heating + charging + button control 
  2. Standard Edition – Heating + Massage + APP View and Settings 
  3. Professional Version – Heating + step + electric massage + wireless charging 

A Smart Wallet Solution 

Basic Version 

Hardware Features:  

  1. Third gear heating mode 
  2. Flashlight 
  3. Temperature Sensor  
  4. Heat sterilization 
  5. Lithium battery powered 
  6. Contact charging 
  7. Button manipulation 

Standard Edition 

Hardware Features: 

  1. Bluetooth module 
  2. Heating module 
  3. Massage electrode 
  4. Temperature sensor 
  5. Heat sterilization
  6. Master-slave pairing 

Software Features: 

For the app: 

  1. Temperature regulation 
  2. Massage mode setting 
  3. Massage parameter setting 

Professional Edition

Software Features: 

For the app: 

  1. Exercise step 
  2. Temperature setting 
  3. Massage mode setting 
  4. Parameter settings 

 Hardware Features: 

  1. Bluetooth module 
  2. Heating module 
  3. Massage electrode 
  4. Temperature sensor 
  5. Heat sterilization 
  6. Triaxial acceleration sensor 
  7. Wireless charging module 

Cloud Service:  

  1. Device data storage 
  2. User information storage 
Shared Cabinet Solution

Shared Cabinet Solution

Shared Management Cabinet Solution for Shared Class Users 

Main Hardware 

The main hardware of our shared cabinet solution has four major parts: mobile communication module, LCD interface, SD card slot, and master chip. 

Application Field 

This technology is designed for any unattended cabinet equipment. For this to work, the user has to initiate interaction through a mobile APP. From there, the device will trigger the opening management of the device and record the time storage and delivery. 

Application Technology 

The technologies involved in this application include Bluetooth communication, face recognition, WiFi newsletter, swipe unlock, NB-IoT, remote unlocking, mobile communication module, LCD, 2G communication, electronic locks, fingerprint recognition, and micro switch. 

System Structure  

Our shared cabinet solution aims to provide a complete set of programs that are developed using smart interlocking objects, such as “soft, hard, cloud”, with password, fingerprint, Bluetooth and other unlocking functions like link network, combined with wireless transmission module that work by transmitting data information to the mobile phone APP through the cloud. 

The system is also structured to record data, especially the number or times of the opening and closing of the intelligent interlock network and to allow remote authorization, wherein a one-time key is generated through the mobile APP to authorize trusted visitors. 

Value-Added Development 

  1. Basic Version – LCD screen + swipe card plus password dual verification + ID card management 
  2. Standard Edition – LCD screen + RFID brush card plus password double verification + fingerprint opener 
  3. Industry Version – LCD + 2G communication module + remote viewing + swipe open cabinet + face recognition unlock + remote unlock 

Intelligent Interlock 

Basic Version 

Hardware Function 

  1. LCD  
  2. Swipe open 
  3. Numeric keypad 
  4. RFID card 

Software Function 

  1. Set the number of boxes 
  2. View the status of the storage box 
  3. Set storage box usage rights 
  4. IFID card management 

Standard Edition 

Hardware Function 

  1. LCD  
  2. Swipe open 
  3. Fingerprint opening 
  4. Numeric keypad 
  5. Administrator settings management 
  6. RFID card 

Software Function 

  1. Set the number of boxes 
  2. View the status of the storage box 
  3. Set storage box usage rights 

Professional Version 

Software Function 

Device Side Program: 

  1. Set the number of boxes 
  2. View the status of the storage box 
  3. Set storage box usage data 

Background Management Side: 

  1. Remote viewing of lock status 
  2. Remote view unlock records

Hardware Function 

  1. Swipe open 
  2. Fingerprint opening 
  3. Face recognition 
  4. Touch screen control 
  5. 2G communication module 
  6. Administrator control management 
Smart Lock Solution

Smart Lock Solution

Intelligent Chain Solutions for a Smart Home 

The Main Hardware 

The main hardware of our smart lock solution has three major parts: mobile communication module, micro switch, and WiFi module. 

Application Field 

This mobile phone scanning device is fully-equipped with a two-dimensional code that connects and binds devices to detect near-field openings and remote controls of the smart lock. It works in a two-way communication, unlocking information to the background. 

Application Technology 

The technologies involved in this product include Bluetooth technology, WiFi newsletter, NB-IoT, fingerprint recognition, mobile communication module, and viewing data. 

System Structure 

The system structure of our smart lock solution consists of a complete set of program development of smart interlocking objects, including “soft, hard, cloud” with password, fingerprint, Bluetooth and other unlocking functions, such as link network, combined with wireless transmission module that can transmit data information to the mobile phone APP through the cloud. 

It is designed to record data, including the number and time of the opening and closing of the intelligent interlock. It also has a remote authorization feature, generating a one-time key through the mobile APP that authorizes only trusted visitors. 

Value-Added Development 

  1. Basic Version – Bluetooth unlock + fingerprint unlock 
  2. Standard Edition – Remote control unlock + fingerprint unlock + remote unlock (WiFi or sim card networking) 
  3. Professional Version – Bluetooth unlock + fingerprint unlock + swipe unlock + password unlock + remote unlock + temporary key unlock 

Intelligent Interlock 

Basic Version 

Hardware Function 

  1. Bluetooth module 
  2. Fingerprint identification module 
  3. Long standby battery (more than 20 days) 
  4. LCD module 
  5. Charging USB port 

Software Function 

  1. View the door lock status under Bluetooth connection 
  2.  Connect Bluetooth unlock
  3. View unlock record 
  4. Unlocking authority management 
  5. Unlocking time management 
  6. Scan QR code to add hardware 

Standard Edition 

Hardware Function 

  1. Liquid remote control unlock 
  2. WIFI module
  3. Fingerprint identification module 
  4. Induction lock magnet 
  5. 433NHZ module or SIM communication module 

Software Function 

  1. Mobile phone remote unlock 
  2. Remote video surveillance 
  3. Door lock status display 
  4. Unlocking authority management 
  5. Remote control settings 
  6. Unlock logging 
  7. Scan QR code to add hardware 
  8. Fingerprint addition settings 

Professional Version 

Software Function 

  1. Add device 
  2. Mobile phone remote unlock 
  3. Short-range Bluetooth unlock 
  4. Shake the Bluetooth to unlock 
  5. Age key unlock upload 
  6. Set unlock permission 
  7. Unlock record query 
  8. Administrator password settings 
  9. Door lock status query 
  10. Indoor unlocking alarm 
  11. Enter in incorrect passwords to shoot automatically 
  12. Fingerprint addition settings 

Hardware Function 

  1. Password unlock 
  2. Swipe module unlock 
  3. Fingerprint module unlock 
  4. WIFI module 
  5. Bluetooth module 
  6. Surveillance cameras
  7. cloud service  
  8. User information storage 
  9. Device data storage 
  10. Data feedback function

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