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IOT Solution Development- Products Prototype Designing, development and Manufacturing

LABX7 is a global technology services innovative company, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It is a national high-tech enterprise. As the world’s leading IoT development and cloud services platform, we focus on product design engineering, development management, supplier resources, intelligent manufacturing, personalized customization, product distribution and other product Management services to help our partners from concept to product landing. We provide precise service at every step of the project, and LABX has been committed to helping our partners deliver exceptional customer experiences and create innovative intelligent hardware products that enable them to maintain lasting, solid growth value, and value added in the marketplace.

Labx7 Customers

Our customers include creative, innovative and innovative smart hardware startups around the world, all from a variety of fields, including fashion, health, entertainment and other consumer electronics, including new retail, smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart cities and other fields. We will collaborate to create world-class smart products and bring them together to the global market, creating unparalleled business value for our partners.

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205,E3 Bldg.,OCT Area,

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