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Usability Engineering

We help our clients develop the best solutions, assisting in the development of perfect, coherent, and innovative design available plans based on project realities and customer need.

Interpretation: We will give you a uniform set of usability product packages. If the product wants to ...

Material Technology

Most product innovations are based on new materials or manufacturing processes, and our Materials Library has accumulated a wide variety of design-related materials. Our materials engineers select a viable design solution and offer better alternatives to the materials already in use during the production process. ...

Project Management

We adapt the project management process to suit the characteristics and needs of each client project. When you get in touch with Labx7, you'll find that the entire organization is based on project business services. Every year, we handle hundreds of projects in a wide range of industries. In order to achieve commercial success and ...

Product Accelerator

From product design to mass production is a lot of process. Our comprehensive team of design, R&D and manufacturing management work in parallel from the beginning of the project, seamlessly connecting all aspects from design, R&D to manufacture management, making the product solution fast and accurate. ...

Equipment Advantages

We have R&D-grade high precision SMT placement equipment, multi-material composite and industrial-grade precision fast printing equipment, soft mold manufacturing and injection molding, surface processing equipment, 5-axis CNC and various machining equipment, product reliability testing and electromagnetic More than  ...

Copyright Protection

Integrity, honesty, openness and reliability - our core philosophy of working with our customers and suppliers. We fulfill our commitments and protect every worker. Embracing, openness, transparency, and communication is the criteria for long-term relationships that we have built mutual trust and success...


Company  Introduction

Labx7 is a global technology services innovation company headquartered in Shenzhen, a national high-tech enterprise. As the world’s leading IoT development and Cloud service platform, we focus on product design engineering, development management, supply Business resources, intelligent manufacturing, personalized customization, product distribution and other products Manage services to help our partners move from concept to product.

BIO Waste Disposer

Labx7 Projects

Our Recent IOT Developments and Prototypes

Smart Cow Collar

Improve the production and profitability of the dairy farmer by 10X. It is the "CA$H COW COLLAR" or the cow estrus monitoring cloud system developed by LABX7 and senior experts in the livestock industry. The system uses “heat sensor app” along with RF technology to generate the signals and 4G repeaters to complete the network architecture.

Portable Temperature Monitor

The T330 is an aesthetically beautiful and portable temperature and humidity monitor and recording system based on NB-IOT. Now stay connected with your information wherever you are. The T-330 comes with IP66 water proofing housing and can be used in extreme weather conditions. Deep freezer or smart farms, you can now check your levels from the comfort of your palm. The T330 temperature and humidity monitor is not just a visual treat but also light weight and power-packed with features. It comes with built in memory and will generate reports too! Read below for more information.

BIO Waste Disposer

Say goodbye to kitchen waste, turn kitchen waste into treasure. Our System combine the latest microbiological processing and electronic purification devices. Press a button to create safe and natural compost. Its ease of use makes it easier to care for Ecological recycling. It only takes a few hours to digest more than 98% of the waste, and the remainder becomes biological fertilizer

Driving Instrument

The driver is a non-contact IC card reader version of the Android smart terminal product. This terminal is different from ordinary products and is fully customized from hardware to system kernel, more professional, more stable and reliable. The product has wide voltage adaptability for 12V and 24V vehicles; supports high-definition camera simultaneous recording and camera functions, supports flexible face recognition; unique built-in RFID reader, supports student coach information card, or second-generation ID card Read; with 4G full Netcom high-speed Internet access capabilities, with wifi and Bluetooth communication capabilities; GPS + Beidou dual-mode positioning; more scalable fingerprint interface, OBD interface, universal serial port, multi-function input and output IO port.

Smart Coffee Machine

The intelligent coffee machine sets a strict production process through European standards, and implements comprehensive ISO quality management, supports electronic payment, background management, freshly ground coffee, BIB concentrated juice, etc. (also supports modular customization). The product communication interface includes USB, 4G, WIFI. Various payment methods will completely replace the traditional timed coffee machine in the future. Through the fast and professional intelligent production method of mobile phones, the user will have an unprecedented coffee experience.

Arraiy 3D Light field Shooting

Capture & Create, A computer vision and machine learning platform for creators.

Product: 3D light field shooting, direct output 3D image

Equiso Smart TV Stick

The smart TV stick is an additional function device based on TV. It provides a very convenient intelligent operation platform for TVs without intelligent functions in the home, so that the home TV can be operated intelligently. The product is connected to the TV through HDMI, comes with USB interface, supports third-party device connection, mini SD card slot, has 4GB body space and 1GB memory (customizable upgrade) products support Bluetooth, WIFI function, and supports Android application unlimited expansion

Sharing Electronic Tools

Sharing e-tools is a vertical product in the era of sharing in the new era. We use Qualcomm solutions to help customers achieve product leasing and product sales.

AI Plush Toy

AI plush toy is a brand-new smart toy with strong interaction. It can effectively interact with children through multiple forms such as sound, touch, light and screen. At the same time, we have added gravity sensor and infrared sensor line. And other components, make the product more rich and easy to use.

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